Full Instructions

Quick Guide

Flashlight – Hold down the top button for 1-2 seconds to turn on the flashlight, Press the top button while the flashlight is on to activate the strobe light. Press the top button again to turn it off.

Smoke Generation – Press and hold the bottom button to activate the smoke. Release the button to turn it off. Windseeker will only run for 10 seconds before turning off.

Auto Mode – Use for Constant Smoke, Bug Repellant, or Scent Disbursement
Press the bottom button 3 times to activate Auto mode. WindSeeker will produce smoke on a timed cycle. To Turn it off press the bottom button one time.

Powerbank – Plug your device into the USB slot to begin charging your device.

Add or Change Cartridge – Unscrew the top cap and insert the cartridge. Screw the cap on tight.